Chamber Music

Duet for Trombone and Contrabass (2006) 3 minutes

Sketch (2008) for Saxophone Quartet; read by the Prism Quartet.

String Trio (2010) violin, viola, violoncello; 13 minutes; Winner of the 2011 Orlando Philharmonic Young Composers' Challenge. (Listen)

Scherzo  and Elegy (2011-2012) for violin and piano; 12 minutes (Listen)

Somavine (2013) for flute, bass clarinet, violoncello, and piano; written as a collaboration with the choreographer Taylor Drury for the Juilliard School's Composers and Choreographers Program. (Listen)

The Hunt  (2014) for horn and piano; premiered by Jordan James for the Mu Phi Epsilon Musicale in the Wesley Chapel, Kansas City, Missuori.

Duo (2014) for Viola and Violoncello; 15 minutes

Introduction and Scherzo for Bass Clarinet and Guitar (2015) 6 minutes (Listen)

Fantasy (2015) for Horn and Organ; 12 minutes